Who is AIA/Promotional Advantage, Inc.?

Promotional Advantage Inc., a promotional item, apparel and corporate gift provider, is our new Apex company store proprietor/vendor. AIA, their parent company, has backed them for almost 20 years and have been an area leader in company stores since 2000. The AIA team, founded in 1994, has been consistently ranked as a Top 10 Distributor by Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) for over 15 years. Together, they provide Apex with outstanding product choice, buying power, and quality. If you have an event, incentive, fundraiser, safety, or tradeshow need, be sure to contact Promotional Advantage. They are available to guide you and field any question, concern, or suggestion you may have.

How do I place an order?

If you are purchasing an item as a gift for your family and friends, please pay using your personal credit card (all major credit cards are accepted: Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover). If you are purchasing an item for your division/corporate use, please process the order with a credit card and expense accordingly.

Can I still buy only 1 item and get it quickly?

Yes, but it’s a bit different now. Apex has selected a limited number of products –shown with a logo– that ship as on-demand, inventory items within 24-hours. These items and embroidered items are the only items, currently, that you can purchase in single or minimal quantities.

As requests come in, we'll add additional store items that meet with our company’s overall needs, but in the meantime, to ensure quick delivery and fair pricing, we've limited the selection accordingly. However, if you don't see a product you're looking for, please contact Promotional Advantage and they will gladly provide options, turnaround time, and associated pricing.

What are my shipping choices?

items are shipped via UPS from the Promotional Advantage warehouse in Iowa within 24 hours of order receipt. Shipping times vary but will typically never exceed 4 days from Iowa to the furthest areas of the country (e.g. New England, Southern Florida, and the West Coast).

Made-to-Order items (e.g. polos, long-sleeved Safety Green shirts, etc.) will ship by varying means depending on the supplier for that particular item. Delivery of most items will be approximately 3 weeks from date of order. This allows 2 weeks for production and 5 days for shipping.

If you need to expedite an order after you've placed it, please contact Promotional Advantage and they will make every effort to meet your in-hands date.

Will the items I order have a color Apex logo or a black/white Apex logo?

It depends. Full 4-color logos are only available on the in-stock t-shirts (indicated with the https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/Ky3-9CrVdDlQzUJ8G6E4ONlnwPGfzWWApMuflGz5TKf4jGyM80QXLAx-dP-kCjtOrc2C_WeRhKy0PuosFiqckLeksBlxXE3dzsi2YpNRHMwbXEtI57mb1v1sl53CKnUO5GXg3GpL53zEmgd6TQ logo) OR on other items ordered directly from Promotional Advantage that meet their minimum quantity. Shirts in Safety Green, and if ordered separately, Safety Orange, will always have an all-black logo regardless of the quantity ordered. All clothing items that are embroidered (polos, etc.) will have a full 4-color logo regardless of the quantity ordered.

This is a change from the previous Apex store and we recommend that you read the logo details so you are pleased with your purchase.

If you’d like to order an item other than what you currently see on the store, e.g. a shirt in another color or style with the full 4-color Apex logo, please contact Promotional Advantage and they will guide you through that purchase and advise you regarding the minimum quantity needed to make that happen.

How do I receive the lowest possible pricing?

To ensure that you receive the best available pricing, bulk pricing is shown for items NOT listed with the logo. We understand that it is not always an option, but we encourage you to combine orders whenever possible so you can receive the lowest price listed.

What is the return policy?

As the products listed are custom-made for Apex, unless the item is defective or an incorrect item is shipped, all sales are final. To make sure you are happy, please request a virtual mock-up to review prior to your purchase via Promotional Advantage.

Thank you for shopping and promoting the Apex brand!  Please share any feedback regarding your store experience with Renee Minnick or Karen Whitney and we’ll be sure to address any concerns you may have or share any positive feedback with the store’s proprietor, Promotional Advantage.